Bartosz Frączek

Bartosz Frączek invites us to re-discover nature, as with his art, he allows us to travel around the world and experience the vast diversity of fauna and flora. His paintings are inhabited by diverse exotic and domestic animals that roam the well-known (ordinary) gardens and distant jungles. The key theme of Frączek’s paintings is our complicated and sometimes contradictory vision(s) of nature(s). As Timothy Morton puts it, „The more we study it, the more we see that, beyond the fact that many different people have many different opinions about it, nature in itself flickers between things-it is both/and or neither/nor. This flickering affects how we write about it. Nature is ... animals, trees, the weather ... the bioregion, the ecosystem. It is both the set and the contents of the set. It is the world and the entities in that world.”

When we think about nature, we sometimes perceive it as wild, untamed or even dangerous, as something we cannot never fully control. However, on the other hand, we believe that nature obeys our will, that we can shape it, and use it for our own purposes – for instance, for decoration, just like in French gardens in which the natural growth of plants was organized by the strict geometry.”

When we think about these two contrasting visions, we realize that they are both projections of our cultural understanding of nature – and that they are both, to some extent, true and false at the same time. The aforementioned contradictory visions of nature are present in Frączek’s paintings in which the viewer is confronted with both tamed/domestic and wild/exotic species.

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